Friday, 6 November 2015

The buzz...

is absolutely amazing when you go to a Juice Plus event.

I was lucky recently to be able to attend the Juice Plus Brighton 2015 event. It ran for 2 days and had many inspirational people giving talks. There were talks about the company, the Child Health Study, lots of testimonials and people were rewarded for achieving goals and levels reached. To actually meet these people and know that its all real and not just stories on the internet gives you such a buzz and sometimes the stories really do pull at the heart strings.

Everyone is just one big happy family who are out to help others become fit and healthy and all become part of a wonderful business. Financial freedom, holidays, more time with the family, no boss, no alarm clock, no commuting for hours before and after work, working wherever and whenever you want and just general job satisfaction are some of the things available to you.

Please click here to see some of the fun its possible to have.

Hope you've enjoyed watching all the fun.
Where do you want to be 2yrs from now?
See you again soon
Angela x

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