Friday, 13 November 2015

Polycystic Ovaries (PCOS)

Juice Plus is certainly helping people in many ways. Below are a couple of messages from people whose lives have changed now due to taking the shakes and capsules. If you would like to see other testimonials please click here and join the group.

"I am a customer & a rep, I take the premium capsules and I can honestly say it has helped me so much! I was diagnosed in August 2014. I was always in pain with my right side, missing most days at work. I could never really get out of bed and when I did I would have to lay back down shortly after, my skin was breaking out, I never had any energy and nothing the doctors gave me would work. So in September 2014 my sister introduced me to the juice plus + premium capsules and I have never looked back! They really are magic... I will continue to take them as I don't know how I coped before. For anyone who is looking for help when it comes to your health I personally 100% recommend juice plus+"

"From 5 years ago I had irregular periods and from a child IBS.. I started on juice plus shakes and capsules a week ago, aswell as the business 1 month ago and I am so happy to say that both of them are now solved thanks to juice plus.. So happy.. Thanks for introducing me to the products and business.. Can't thank u enough xxx"

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Experts review Juice Plus+

Many doctors and healthcare professionals recommend Juice Plus+ to their patients and clients. The following Dr will be appearing at the Juice Plus Birmingham event in February so I'm really looking forward to seeing her.

Dr. Mitra Ray is a former research biochemist from Marysville, Washington who studied cell biology. In this video, Mitra addresses the connection between nutrition and anti-aging, and how cosmetic products alone will never achieve the beauty that comes from within.

Click here to listen to her.

To see many other people's reviews please visit the Juice Plus website here

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Air Cadet weekend....

Well what a weekend it has been, hence why I haven't managed to post anything here. Time to make up for it now though.

The first special event I would like to share with you is my son's Air Cadet Annual Dinner. He has been in the cadets since June 2014 but this is the first dinner that we have attended. It was chance to get glammed up in our fancy dresses and suits, which isn't normal for us I must say.

 Unfortunately my daughter didn't attend with us but Connor did have the company of his grandparents and my partner. We had a thoroughly good evening with lovely food, music and dancing and there was even a photo booth there which was busy constantly with the cadets wearing an assortment of accessories. Formal photos were also done at the beginning of the evening.

Planning wasn't as good though as the dinner fell on the evening before their Remembrance Day parade and church service so there was possibly some bleary eyed people the following morning as it was 9.30am gathering. The first service and laying of wreaths went smoothly, the day was dry with a little bit of sun which was also a bonus. After this service the cadets formed up alongside others and marched along the high street to St Paul's church for another service.

The way the cadets marched was absolutely wonderful, all in time and very smart. They should all be very proud of themselves. After the service they formed up yet again, unlike some other cadets who just walked out of church and scattered in all directions, and again marched back to the other end of the High Street. Lots of lovely comments were made and people certainly looked on with admiration at them all.

Well done to everyone. A wonderful way to finish the weekend. I look forward now to next year's gathering.

See you all soon.

Angela x

Friday, 6 November 2015

The buzz...

is absolutely amazing when you go to a Juice Plus event.

I was lucky recently to be able to attend the Juice Plus Brighton 2015 event. It ran for 2 days and had many inspirational people giving talks. There were talks about the company, the Child Health Study, lots of testimonials and people were rewarded for achieving goals and levels reached. To actually meet these people and know that its all real and not just stories on the internet gives you such a buzz and sometimes the stories really do pull at the heart strings.

Everyone is just one big happy family who are out to help others become fit and healthy and all become part of a wonderful business. Financial freedom, holidays, more time with the family, no boss, no alarm clock, no commuting for hours before and after work, working wherever and whenever you want and just general job satisfaction are some of the things available to you.

Please click here to see some of the fun its possible to have.

Hope you've enjoyed watching all the fun.
Where do you want to be 2yrs from now?
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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Pyramid scheme vs Network Marketing

"Oh yeah, Juice Plus, typical pyramid scheme, you'll never earn anything worthwhile from that!"
How many times have I heard that since I've started in the business. Juice Plus is NOT a pyramid scheme but is Network Marketing.

Lets take your local big name grocery store as an example of a pyramid scheme.
At the top we have one big boss. Under him you will have a few Deputys and then under them several Supervisors, followed by floorworkers/cashiers, and then cleaners.  Only one person is ever in that top position and that is the boss man himself. If and when he leaves it wont be a cashier who takes his place, she may not have even been promoted, but it will be someone of the same level or just underneath. The boss man will then be there for a certain length of time and nobody can progress to his position.

                                                                     Image result wey dey for pyramid scheme

In Juice Plus / Network Marketing everyone gets a chance to be at the top position. There isn't just one position, there are as many as it needs. People work hard, get promoted each step of the way and there is nobody stopping them reaching that top position, only themselves. If we dont want to work hard and be promoted and just want to remain at a lower level then thats our choice, if we want to work hard, be recognised and aim for a better life and way of living then we can progress to higher levels. Whats even better is we get paid bonuses as we progress and our rate of pay changes in line with the level we are on.

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Juice Plus Levels & Bonuses

Dealer (D)- RVC 825, 10% of sales
Direct Distributor (DD) - 14% of sales
Senior Direct Distributor (SDD) - £3,250 RVC, £200 bonus mth 1, £100 bonus mth 2
Sales Co-ordinator (SC) - £6,500 RVC, 1 DD leg, £400 bonus mth 1, £500 bonus mth 2
Senior Sales Co-ordinator (SSC) - £10,000 RVC, 2 PB legs, £1,800 bonus after 3 mths
Qualifying National Marketing Director (QNMD) - £20,000 RVC, 3 PB legs, £3,600 bonus after 3mths
National Marketing Director (NMD) - £40,000 RVC, 4 PB legs, £7,200 bonus after 3 mths
International Marketing Director (IMD) - £80,000 RVC, 4 PB legs, £14,400 bonus after 3 mths
Executive Marketing Director (EMD) - £120,000 RVC, 4 PB legs, £21,600 bonus after 3 mths
Presidential Marketing Director (PMD) - £160,000 RVC, 5 PB legs, £28,800 bonus after 3 mths

Does any of the above appeal to you. It is achieveable if you want it. I've been with the business 2 months and have already progressed one level. If you would like more information of how to be a part of my team please message me. There's no time like the present to start to live the life you dream of. One day this could be your office.......................
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