Tuesday, 3 November 2015

In the kitchen...

Well I'm not normally one for spending any more time in the kitchen than I have to so today I've done quite well!

To start with I made a watermelon, onion, mint and feta cheese salad. What inspired me for this dish was visiting a wonderful gluten free restaurant called 'Dough' in Manchester during the summer. We tried some lovely dishes and this looked so simple to do. As I'm starting my first nightshift of 4 tonight I've made some extra to take in another day. I'm certainly looking forward to trying it later.

The second dish was just a snack I fancied before turning to something bad. Scrambled egg with mushrooms and advocado. I used half an advocado for this and then put the other half in with some coconut milk, nutmeg and vanilla Complete Shake ready for later before going to work. Just love my advocado shakes at the moment, they are so tasty and filling.


Thanks for visiting, please back come again.

Angela x

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