Friday, 13 November 2015

Polycystic Ovaries (PCOS)

Juice Plus is certainly helping people in many ways. Below are a couple of messages from people whose lives have changed now due to taking the shakes and capsules. If you would like to see other testimonials please click here and join the group.

"I am a customer & a rep, I take the premium capsules and I can honestly say it has helped me so much! I was diagnosed in August 2014. I was always in pain with my right side, missing most days at work. I could never really get out of bed and when I did I would have to lay back down shortly after, my skin was breaking out, I never had any energy and nothing the doctors gave me would work. So in September 2014 my sister introduced me to the juice plus + premium capsules and I have never looked back! They really are magic... I will continue to take them as I don't know how I coped before. For anyone who is looking for help when it comes to your health I personally 100% recommend juice plus+"

"From 5 years ago I had irregular periods and from a child IBS.. I started on juice plus shakes and capsules a week ago, aswell as the business 1 month ago and I am so happy to say that both of them are now solved thanks to juice plus.. So happy.. Thanks for introducing me to the products and business.. Can't thank u enough xxx"

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